Make your cookbook go cloudy

«Kokeboka mi» is Norwegian and means «my cookbook». There is something special about storing your personal recipes in some personal space only available to you - recipes that you know by heart and want to pass on to your loved ones.

In Norway, nothing is as special as grandmas «kjøttkaker», but even though there are tons of recipes for kjøttkaker out there, grandma's recipe is always the one and only.

Kokebokami was created for those who want to save and access their handwritten recipes easily, without the struggle of searching to find the beloved book that the recipes were written into. It was also created for those who are tired of always forgetting where they saved the recipe they wanted to try.

Keep all your recipes, whether you found them in a book or online, in a place where only you have access, and have the option of sharing them with the world.

Happy storing in kokeboka di 🧡